Welcome to Noah’s Ark Pet Crematory

I have been a licensed funeral director for over 35 years. Here at Noah’s Ark we will care for your pet like the family member they are. We offer to respond to residence or a veterinarian’s office to transport your pet to our facility. We personally will care for your pet. We are providing a direct service to you and your family. We will provide a plaster paw print, hair clipping and memorial DVD upon request at no additional cost.

We offer personalized urns at very reasonable prices.

The cremation process is handled very much like the process of human cremation. The pet is entered into our log with their name and the pets family name, along with a tracking ID number which is embossed onto a metal ID tag. The pet’s ashes will be returned to the family in a wooden mahogany stained urn. The pet’s ashes are normally returned within 24 to 48 hours not a week to 10 days.